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That's why we take care of you with our exclusive formulations

Why settle for one or two active ingredients when we can provide you with 10?

There are those who make snail slime creams, others with hyaluronic acid, still others with plant stem cells, and so on … instead we have combined all these active ingredients together and even more. Each with its own specific effect!

The result? A more incisive and permanent effect on your skin. Moreover, we use only Italian ingredients of the highest quality that can penetrate and act deeply, therefore really on the problem and not on the surface.

Be wary of products from a few euros, because to work they must have good ingredients and good ingredients are expensive!

In skin care, there is a formula that determines how well the products penetrate the skin using the molecular weight, the lower the weight, the more it can penetrate.

Luxonskin was born from in-depth laboratory studies that focused on the search for the best possible formula to penetrate and act on the skin.

Find out what Luxonskin does for you

Revive your SKIN

We have combined together 10 active ingredients including the luxurious and expensive extract from plant stem cells for an incisive and definitive action on SPOTS and WRINKLES.

The difference from the competition is the full absorption and penetration into the skin of these active ingredients, inserted in an exclusive and registered formula, the result of long laboratory studies.

Our products act on the cause of the problem and not on the effects visible from the outside.

In fact, the penetration of these substances through the skin and their presence in the deeper layers is essential for a permanent result, and not a short and illusory one.

Regenerating and plumping cream

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59 euro instead of 89 euro only for a few days

Eye contour serum and lip plumping

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What they say about Luxonskin

I found myself wonderfully well with Luxonskin products, my skin has completely transformed making it smooth and hydrated like never before, helping decisively to fight wrinkles and dark circles, and now I find myself more calm and safe

I find Luxonskin products very good with a considerable choice of active ingredients, which I have rarely found in other products. In my work, I always recommend them to my patients, both women, and men, as a finishing touch to my treatments

I am fond of Luxonskin products, I use them every day and they have solved many skin problems. And that's no small feat, considering I'm very demanding about the effectiveness of the products I try, I highly recommend them.

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F.A.Q. Frequent Asked Questions

We created the TSR method, which means Total Skin Regeneration, and is a method that was born after many years of experience and research. Its key feature is the balance of active ingredients and the exclusive formulation that is the basis of our products.
It is a method that really works! Consider that the regenerating cream has 10 active ingredients of the highest quality appropriately balanced and the result of numerous attempts in the laboratory. In fact, the balance of the formula is very important, otherwise, it would not be a formula! By balancing we mean the combination of the percentages of the active ingredients in the formula. Many products on the market are based on formulas pre-established by the manufacturer and only change the label! In the laboratory where we produce, on the other hand, the percentages are calculated to the thousandth for extraordinary effectiveness.
The fundamental active ingredient in our products is Swiss apple plant stem cells, a very expensive product which however gives amazing results, as it has antioxidant, photoprotective, decongestant, and anti-inflammatory properties. However, one of the most important aspects concerns the anti-aging function of these cells, which contain an important percentage of EGF substances (Epidermal Growth Factor, or epidermal growth factors) very similar to human ones, responsible for the regrowth and tropism of tissues and which, therefore, are used in the treatment of skin aging.
We find the snail slime extract, which is rich in collagen, elastin, peptides, proteins, glycolic acid, vitamins A and E: it has healing properties, promoting wound repair and slowing down skin aging, and anti-wrinkle, stimulating the production of collagen fibers, elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid and counteracting the action of enzymes that degrade them; in addition, it has an intense antioxidant action, protecting cells from free radicals that are formed due to UV rays. Then we find hyaluronic acid, a perfect moisturizer, and regenerator that we use of medium molecular weight as it retains more water molecules thanks to its size, but it is not absorbed deep into the skin precisely because of its size. Stopping more on the surface allows the medium molecular weight acid to help gradually make wrinkles less visible and the skin softer. And then there are many others that you can check directly in the product sheet, it is also worth highlighting here the prickly pear extract which has an anti-aging power and counteracts the formation of free radicals, thanks to the presence of two substances antioxidants, indicaxanthin and betanin, present in its pulp.
It is simply a way to "capture" attention to declare 100% hyaluronic acid but which unfortunately does not correspond to the truth. Even a percentage of 1% would be very difficult to manage as it would produce a viscous and dense gel that is impossible to apply. The same goes for the snail slime with the difference that it would cause redness and in some cases burns on the skin if it were really so ... in truth in cosmetics we use snail slime extract, we use 3% and we are at the limit.
Before creating and marketing a product, we need a lot of tests and a lot of time because we want to be sure of its effectiveness. For us, it is not important to present many products but our priority is the excellence of every single product. We specialize in facial and neck skincare and are proud of our two products which have already satisfied many customers.
We currently only sell online, as this gives us full control over our business. We also believe that selling online streamlines the sales process and above all, we are convinced that it will be the sales channel of the future, also given the current situation.
You can pay: by credit card through Gestpay Banca Sella or Stripe, Paypal, bank transfer. Shipping is always free with traceable DHL express. Returns are possible only if the item is returned undamaged, unused and still with the seal.
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