Eye contour serum and lip plumping



The skin around the eyes is the most delicate and prone to blemishes such as dark circles and bags, our serum can help you decongest and nourish this area properly. Use it regularly by tapping and then massaging slowly in circular motions until completely absorbed.
Very little is needed for each application thanks to the high concentration of the following active ingredients:
Medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid = Moisturizes and protects skin tissues, anti-wrinkle
Green apple plant stem cells = They repair cell damage caused by UV rays, regenerating and antioxidant.
Caffeine = Draining
DMAE = Invigorating, Natural Lifting
Alpha Lipoic Acid = Decongestant, energizing
Vitamin E = Antioxidant, restorative. Protects and moisturizes

30 ML / 1 FL.OZ


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